ENG with the LTE IP Edge

ENGenesis™ is an innovative bi-directional 2/7GHz BAS band system which sets a new benchmarks in video and IP transmission remote connectivity.

The ENGenesis system operates in either 5 MHz or 10 MHz channel bandwidth in Time Division Duplex (TDD) mode. In a TD-LTE system, the uplink (Truck Mobile Unit to Receive Site Fixed Unit) and downlink (Receive Site Fixed Unit to Truck Mobile Unit) bandwidth allocation can be adjusted by changing the time slot assignments. For the ENGenesis system, more bandwidth is required for the uplink A/V streams from the broadcast truck to the receiving station. Conforming to the 3GPP LTE standards, the radio frame configuration shown in Figure 4 is recommended for ENGenesis system. The radio frame arrangement is referred to as Configuration 0 in the LTE standards. It provides 2 downlink and 6 uplink time slots for a network designed to carry the majority of traffic on the uplink.

Radio Frame Configuration

Uplink and downlink bandwidth allocations to individual Truck Mobile Units are carried out in real time and based on the prevailing radio channel condition between the Truck Mobile Unit and the Receive Site Fixed Unit, and the bandwidth requirement of the applications. Figure 5 illustrates this real time bandwidth resource scheduling of the ENGenesis system. The example shows two Truck Mobile Units and both of them have the same bandwidth demand for uplink video streaming and two-way Internet traffic. Since Mobile Unit #1 is closer to the Receive Site Fixed Unit, the ENGenesis system can use higher modulation/coding combination to deliver the bandwidth to Mobile Unit #1. Mobile Unit #2 is farther away from the Receive Site Fixed Unit and experiences suboptimal radio channel conditions.

Dynamic Radio Resource Scheduling of the ENGenesis System

The ENGenesis system uses a lower modulation/coding combination to deliver the same bandwidth to Mobile Unit #2. The use of lower modulation/coding requires the ENGenesis system to utilize more time slots to deliver the same amount of data over the radio link. Radio resource scheduling is done in real time in the ENGenesis system. When there are more Truck Mobile Units attached to the Receive Site Fixed Unit, they share the available bandwidth. The ENGenesis system can efficiently schedule multiple Truck Mobile Units in the same radio frame and across different radio frames.

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